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Consumer insights and footprints, actions that drive business development and financial performance. Ideas and opportunities about that is mostly what you will find in the Nepa blog.

A study about the future of journalism

Introducing the voice of the consumer The major media players in Sweden have come together to develop the prerequisites for the future of journalism. Nine focus areas are identified, leading to research projects at Stockholm School of Economics (HHS). In the media: Dagens Nyheter 1 Dagens Nyheter 2 Resumé Dagens Media Nepa has conducted a study in which different data…

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Customer centricity – the real stuff

Being customer-centric is vital in an increasingly competitive and fast paced business environment. Most companies understand this and are doing their best to listen to – and understand – consumers and customers. But how do you get it to work all the way to tangible profitability at the point of action and transaction in your business? Companies are gathering vast…

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Get personal and monetize your customer data

Zoom in on the individual consumer A consumer centric approach is not just a passing fad that we all use for a while and then disregard, like that Tamagotchi digital pet you swore to keep alive. It is an absolute necessity for all modern companies. But what does it actually involve? Simply put, it’s one of the best ways of…

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