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Read and comment posts about how the voice of the customer can help companies drive continuous innovation, business development and sales performance.

Insights from “The superpowers of data science and analytics” in San Francisco

Using the right data for the right purpose Earlier this month, Nepa had the good fortune of attending the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference in San Francisco (April 3-5), an annual rite of passage for marketers who are already sold or hoping to be sold on – as the conference itself boasts – the “superpowers of data science and…

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Transform data into insights – boost your innovation capabilities

Generate the insights that are relevant to you I get a lot of questions on how to handle all data (or Big Data) and particularly how to use the insights for something that creates business value. Not only in the distant future but here and now. Very often I sense great frustration and nervousness related to this question. I have…

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Omnichannel perspective on Path to Purchase – needed, but hard to capture

Consumer journeys become more and more complex and changes happen faster than ever. Consumers learn about products, compare prices, share opinions, consume content and make their decisions where and when it best serves them on their path to purchase. Different websites, devices, store channels and media types (both online and offline) interacts and impact consumers throughout their journey; together forming…

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