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Introducing the Nepa Tech & Science blog

March 23, 2017


It seems that by now everyone has figured out the importance of gathering and working with data. However, few has yet figured out what to do with all this data and exactly what the actual value is and for whom. We often meet companies that have invested significant resources into gathering and collecting their data in huge data warehouses. Only to realize however that they have no clue of what to actually do with it in the end – “Now What?”.

We at Nepa believe that actionable insights are created in the intersection of different data sources

And we also believe in the importance of using the right data for the right purpose. This is where our strength lies. We have a rapidly growing team of data scientists with a very diverse set of backgrounds. Our team varies everything from Machine Learning, to Mechatronics, to Bioinformations, and to Economics). Furthermore, this variety allows us to approach a wide range of analytical challenges from a multitude of directions. Hence, adopting a solution to a current need. In conclusion, it’s all about creating actionable insights and providing them to the right stakeholder in our customer’s organization.

The sought-after team works with projects of varying kind and scale. This is everything from parsing billions of transaction rows, to figuring out how to create thousands of reports containing actionable insights, to figuring out the driving factors in consumer behavior. Projects like these have a large amount of moving parts. Therefore, in order to enable this, we use resources from not only our Data Science Team but also our Systems Development and IT Teams.

Now What? A non issue at Nepa

Nepa has continuously proven that this approach can help our clients go from “Now What?”, to actually understanding the real value as well as the possible outcomes of key business decisions. By doing this, we’ve been able to help our clients find ways to increase their profits with hundreds of million SEK.

Ultimately, the goal of this blog is to give the reader a glimpse of what we do here at Nepa and how. You will see posts specifically from our systems development, IT, and data science teams. They will be sending a broad perspective view about all the moving parts involved within the complex machinery of Nepa.


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