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Customer satisfaction systems and method

The key to a successful business is happy customers, and in order to get happy customers the business needs a method to measure customer satisfaction.

How to measure customer satisfaction

There are numbers of methods for measuring customer satisfaction, but not all of them are very good. Some measuring methods are annoying for the customer and need to be avoided. The key to a good customer satisfaction assessment is to find a method that collects enough data without becoming inconvenient to the customer.


Different types of business require different customer satisfaction systems and methods. If the products the business provides are simple and inexpensive, the customer is not going to want to spend a lot of time filling in a complicated survey. But if the business provides more expensive products, the customer may be willing to spend more time answering questions.

Customer satisfaction surveys

This is the most common method of measuring customer satisfaction, and if used properly it is a great method. For an online business, it can be an advantage to build in a satisfaction survey during the purchasing process. A built-in survey should contain very few questions, maybe not more than two, so it will not be an in-depth questionnaire and therefore the amount of information from the survey will be rather limited, but the response rate will be very high. If the business provides more expensive and complex products, customers may be willing to answer a more detailed survey, if they receive it just after delivery.

Other methods

One other method of rating customer satisfaction is the customer satisfaction score, where the customer is asked to rate their satisfaction with the service on a scale. The scale is typically 1-5 or 1-10, but 1-4 is often better. On the scale 1-4, scores of 1-2 mean not satisfied and 3-4 mean satisfied. The reason the 1-4 scale is better is because it forces the customer to make a stance. If the scale is 1-5, many customers choose 3 if they think the service was neither good nor bad. If the scale is 1-4 they need to make a choice and to rate the service as good or bad. This makes the analysis of the data easier.


Your business needs to constantly analyze the data received from the customer satisfaction systems, and if the analysis shows that the customer is unsatisfied with the business, you need to move on to more advanced methods for measuring customer satisfaction, or rather dissatisfaction, in order to find out exactly why the customers are not satisfied and what you can do about it.

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