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Our thought leaders are writing posts about how we help driving continuous business development and financial performance.

Innovation and the power of consumer insights

Businesses that thrive is investing in continuous innovation they don´t sit and wait with the risk of losing ground. As Nokia CEO Stephen Elop tearfully said after announcing his company’s acquisition by Microsoft, “We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost.” It was precisely this lack of action – the failure to innovate – that resulted in the downfall…

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Optimising value growth by leveraging your Path to Purchase

Profitable growth is ever more challenging Market conditions, increased competition from new channels and providers coupled with changing consumer and shopper expectations and demands are making growth harder than ever to generate. However those that are winning are doing so by creating a new understanding of their business and what’s important through combining multiple data sources and aligning their organisation…

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A study about the future of journalism

Introducing the voice of the consumer The major media players in Sweden have come together to develop the prerequisites for the future of journalism. Nine focus areas are identified, leading to research projects at Stockholm School of Economics (HHS). In the media: Dagens Nyheter 1 Dagens Nyheter 2 Resumé Dagens Media Nepa has conducted a study in which different data…

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