Accelerate your innovations

Nepa’s data-driven solution enables clients to develop innovations that address unmet customer needs.
Accelerate your innovations

5 proven steps to accelerate innovation

Need Segmentation

Know where to focus - innovate faster and more cost-effectively through continuous identification and definition of jobs that consumers need to get done.

Idea Tournament

Let the games begin – a gamified and statistically robust approach where your ideas (up to 50) can be tested will increase your chance to find disruptive and competitive innovations, and eliminate the ones that will waste precious resources.

Concept and Design tests

Test your first prototypes - Concept and design tests provide an efficient way to get inspiration and guidance from your customers early in the product development process.

Market Traction Analysis

Take your innovation for a test drive - sophisticated analytics models allow you to predict how your product or service would fare if launched in the current environment. Secure investments in your launch and build a case with retailers by knowing the financial potential of your offer.

Post Launch Analysis

Don’t fly blind after launching a product/service – continued engagement with consumers will identify if it is the product, price, place or promotion that is making you hit or miss your targets.