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Introduction to the customer satisfaction survey

Measuring customer satisfaction can be a daunting task for business owners, however anyone who is interested in improving or maintaining their customer base has to take very seriously this issue to heart. Like the old saying goes, “The customer is king.” and without him or her a business has no hope. So, how can information regarding customer satisfaction be obtained? One of the simplest ways is to create customer satisfaction surveys where specific questions aimed at individual aspects of the customer experience are asked of the customers themselves. These types of surveys provide a company with the most valuable information they could ask for.

What types of questions should be asked?

When it comes to asking the right questions in a customer satisfaction survey it is imperative that the questions not be misleading or confusing in any way. Furthermore, the questions should not be complicated or time consuming to answer. After all, nobody wants a satisfied customer to suddenly become dissatisfied because of a difficult survey. Therefore, keeping the questions short and sweet, providing easy input methods like ranges of five or options of yes, no, or maybe, help the customer to provide their honest feeling about an experience.

Questions about customer satisfaction with one or all aspects of their experience are good to ask, as well as how likely a customer is to recommend the company to a friend. Both questions provide insight into the consumer experience as a whole. Other questions can request the customer give information about how well his or her needs were met, ask about the quality of the products or services provided, and how they felt at the end of their experience. These types of questions inform the company about the quality of service or products from the consumer’s point of view. Finally, questions concerning length of time as a customer, as well as how likely the consumer would be to come back, give insight into the effect that the company has on customers and how loyal the customer base is.

Concluding thoughts

Finding an efficient way to collect customer satisfaction data regularly over time is imperative for any company that does not have the time to talk to its customers face-to-face. As that describes most companies in the world, it is clear that the customer satisfaction survey is a tool that almost every company should use. Without the ability to collect information concerning the desires and needs of the customer base, a business has little hope in successfully keeping its customers happy.

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