The journey to conversion.

Driven by digital, today’s marketing spend is accelerating. Your customer touchpoints are proliferating.
Put your money where it matters – by defining your customer journey.

Nepa engages with consumers – and Facebook, Google and others – around feedback and purchase data. To help you make solid content and spend decisions, and track performance, short- and long-term.

We are only Nepa. And that’s a lot.

Seeing short and long together

Your mission is to drive sales today. And support a strong brand over time. Nepa helps you do both together – not one or the other alone.

Telling it like it is

What’s your optimal media strategy? Your best brand positioning and product mix? Nepa is independent, so we’ll recommend the right approach for you.
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Data – at a whole new level.

Digital advertising grew 16% this year. And the majority (77%) is being invested with Facebook and Google.

Through our exclusive partnership with Facebook – and collaboration with Google – Nepa has a trove of granular advertising effectiveness data. To help you understand – and extract maximum value from – your critical digital customer touchpoints.

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The path to purchase leads to the register.

Today’s consumer takes no fixed route to purchase. She comparison-shops via smartphone. He mines content for the latest information on product, price and brand.

Nepa combines measurement of online (passive) behavior data with attitude and offline purchase (active) data. To form a full picture of paths-to-purchase – that culminate in the checkout line.

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Know your marketing impact.

How’s your short- and long-term marketing investment paying off? Is your campaign communication content getting through?

Nepa is a leading brand measurement consultancy globally. Our ongoing measurement programs capture audience brand and communication sentiment. Allowing you to adjust your spend, and make a bottom-line difference.

  • Content Testing
  • Tracking
  • Marketing Mix Modelling

Pre/Post Tests – reinforce your marketing building blocks

How will a given campaign impact sales and brand perception? Know before you go live – with proof-of-campaign performance including benchmark criterion reliable success indicators. Gauge campaign consumer-brand connections. Assess results by marketing channel and purchasing behavior impact.

Tracking – a powerful tuning kit for your business

Nepa merges tracking and sales KPIs – to make value emerge. We provide shorter, consumer-friendly surveys and cutting-edge, highly predictive methodologies. And flexible result delivery suited to the end-user’s POV. All at competitive pricing.

(Good) data doesn’t lie.

With the digital media universe expanding, assembling a constellation of customer touchpoints requires exactly the right data.

With advanced statistical modeling of historical media spend and sales data, Nepa delivers precisely that. Our exclusive partnership with Facebook and collaboration with Google give us granular advertising effectiveness data – beyond what’s available to advertisers. We help you pinpoint media mixes that maximize campaign ROI.

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Lifting a telecom company above the pack

A Nepa telecommunications company client was expanding into a crowded market. To connect with its customers, it had to set itself apart.

Nepa worked with the company to develop a resonant brand positioning and measurement program. And to market a range of products through differentiated messaging among an optimal media channel mix. Results we delivered for the client include:


increase in store visits with the same budget (critical KPI for CMO)


increase in price premium
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