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Nepa Media

Uncover the moments of truth that grow your audience
Helping you grow to meet today’s audience expectations
  • Maximize subscription base and advertising inventory 
  • Identify pricing models that generates the highest revenue, profit and market penetration
  • Optimize marketing to maximize total viewership of content portfolio

Customer Experience

Design or improve Voice-of-Customer research programs with connections to financial and location data, advanced analytics, and expert CX consultants.

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Brand & Ad Tracking

Strategic and continuous Brand Health research delivered by brand strategists to help you optimize communications and build strength. 

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Innovation Acceleration

Improve products and go-to-market strategies with advanced customer insight techniques for segmentation, ideation, concept tests, pricing and packaging.

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Marketing Mix Modeling

Boasting partnerships with major digital advertising platforms and AI-powered continuous modeling, we optimize your media spend and allocation for sales and brand health.

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