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Marketing Mix Modelling

Optimize Your Marketing Budget for Maximum Sales and Brand Impact

Always Learning - an improved and modern marketing mix performance

Other MMM projects don’t move the needle in today’s fast-paced world, but we do. Our MMM tools are always changing and adapting to get better and more enhanced, constantly improving our strategy. Nepa's Marketing Mix Modelling allows marketers to adjust activity in near real-time with models that are continuously learning from your media activity, sales performance, and brand health.

Access to Social Media data

We help you understand the sales and brand impact of your Social Media investments through partnerships with the world’s largest Digital Advertising Platforms including Google, Facebook and Snap Chat.

Short & Long-term effects

Get answers to questions like, “How efficient are different media in driving short term vs. long term sales?”


Don’t always look back. Gain insight into your consumers’ next move and shift your focus forward.


We’re not owned by or associated with any media agency network. We offer a customized approach for each of our clients with one goal – optimize your media spend.

Nepa's Marketing Mix Modelling Solution

Model Inputs

Baseline and seasonality Our model takes into account seasons and holidays to ensure relevance and accuracy
External Effects Other external effects, such as salary payment dates, weather, consumer confidence indices and competitor activities are also integrated for accuracy
Internal Effects Changes to products, prices and CRM activities are included
Media investments Finally, we integrate your investment in different media including TV, OOH, print, Google search, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and display advertising.

Marketing Mix Modelling deliverables

Optimal investment level

Optimal media mix

Predictive modeling

Short- and Long-term ROI

Sales contribution and ROI per media type

Media contribution over time