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Nepa at IIEX 2024

July 02, 2024

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Karen Chandler

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It’s now been a week since Greenbook’s IIEX Europe event in Amsterdam, and the Nepa team have been reminiscing on the incredible time we had. Between insightful sessions, meeting brilliant minds, and hosting our exclusive supper club with brands such as Google, Philips, and Nestlé at the incredible cornerstore, we didn’t stop for two days!

What was everyone talking about?

Not unexpectedly, AI was the topic on many people’s lips. Many presentations, for instance those by Vesna Hajnsek from Swarovski and Lalo Luna & Tony Costella from The HEINKENEN Company, discussed how generative AI was being used to democratise their data.

Time and resource heavy tasks such as compiling information and answering queries are now being performed by AI, leaving their staff time to focus on the bigger picture; making strategic data-driven decisions that drive growth, and telling the best, most engaging stories.

And what were the best sessions?

IIEX Europe was a reminder of the power and the knowledge held by the insights community. The Nepa team were asked their favourite session, and this is what they said:

Senior Client Strategy Director Andrea Goeres picked Liam Laville from Just Eat’s presentation ‘How to elevate insight to decision-making’.

“I think this talk just summed up everything that was important for researchers and marketers in 2024. The insights’ function should be at the centre of every business, and in order to do that it really needs to be entrenched in the day-to-day life of everyone in the company.

To many in the boardroom, research can seem like a cost, rather than the value driver it has the potential to be for business.”

Business Development Director Jenny Palmgren’s choice was ‘Navigating a New Normal – Commercial Immune Response and How to Combat It’ by Tomas Ramsoy.

“Unsurprisingly for the topic, it was such a sharp and concise discussion on the importance of reducing friction in your comms.”

Senior Client Strategy Director Jenny Saxholm loved ‘Digging into Nestlé Purina’s Pet Care bag of tricks’ with Maud Hua-Bulteau.

Such an engaging and energetic talk! It was so interesting to hear about a launch not quite reaching expectations, the importance of pre-testing to avoid cannibalism of other brands in your portfolio, and most importantly winning fast and losing fast!

Account Director Sam Richardson enjoyed Vito Francone from Unilever’s talk on ‘How Dove uses True Consumer Value to Wash Away Competitors’.

Coming from a company that uses behavioural data in our solutions, it was interesting to hear how Unilever were using them to evaluate and improve on their packing and comms.

What event’s next for Nepa?

We’re delighted to announce that we have been chosen to speak for a third time at ESOMAR Congress this September, and ESOMAR Pacific in November. At Congress in Athens, we will be completing our MMM trilogy; Meta will be joining us on stage to present ‘Supercharge media optimization by unlocking the power of time’.

In Bangkok, Nepians Andrea Goeres and Patrick Dünzinger will be discussing Nepa’s unique behavioural data based paths to purchase methodology in ‘The death of the shopper marketing funnel: All roads lead to conversion’.

We hope to see as many of you as possible then, and if you’d like to join us for our supper club at either event, please email