The Nepa Consumer Science Platform™

We help create eminent companies with a data-driven and consumer-oriented decision making.

The challenges with Traditional Market Research

The no. 1 challenge is that market research is not actionable. Companies don´t know how they should change and develop their businesses based on the results the industry provides.

The no. 2 challenge is what we call “the data shock”. For many years companies have invested in systems for gathering data from all clients touchpoints, analyzing this abundance of data. We haven’t met one single company globally that doesn’t struggle with turning this big data into insights and actions – valuable for their organizations.

Nepa democratize data

We do this by delivering financially assigned insights to catalyze change, from top management down to the front-line personnel. It´s all about pushing the right data to the right person, in the right time and in a user-friendly format that you can understand and act upon.

Pioneers of Consumer Science

We believe in a world where every byte is turned into execution. This means we embrace all available data sources, both behavioral and attitudinal data, and we use both data science and consumer research methods to make sense of the data. Nepa knows that without action, change is impossible and no client value is created. People are encouraged to take action when they can see a clear correlation between financial impact and decision making.

Keys to unlocking the real value of data

Consumer behaviors are changing more rapidly than ever. People don’t stand still, and neither should data. This is why we use continuous data, correlating several flows of information to build a powerful stream of data. We analyze consumer feedback and behavioral data in order to reach the “why” behind people’s decision making.

The real value of data becomes clear when it´s applied to business decisions with a monetary value connected to specific actions. This creates a sense of urgency and align individual work with the company overall KPI – leading to a higher motivation to act and change.

To deliver products and services to a completely new type of users and push them to take action on a daily basis, require us to truly understand their needs, adopt the information to the context that they work in and harness technology to provide it. This is where unique talents play a crucial role. Nepa has business developers that truly understand our clients’ businesses. Our methodology experts can leverage the combination of data science and research methods and our technology experts develop world class software.

This is how Nepa deliver relevant insights, fact-based execution and bottom-line results.

Fredrik Östgren
CEO at Nepa