Stockholm (HQ)

Maria Skolgata 83
Stockholm, Sweden

Niclas Öhman

Senior Advisor


Doctoral thesis “Considering Intentions” defended in 2010, Handelshögskolan Stockholm, Sweden

MSc Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics


Stockholm School of Economics, A-Com


“I’ve always been fascinated by how people think and make decisions. My work at Nepa allows me to study it, build models of it and talk to other people, both clients and colleagues, who share my fascination.”


Number of shares:

199,669 (188,246 direct, 11,423 indirect*)


*Abmit Kivelmuh AB owns 99 850 shares in the Company. Abmit Kivelmuh AB ism in turn, owned by Ulrich Boyer (23 217 shares, which equals approximately to 46,4 percent), Fredrik Östgren (12 315 shares, which equals approximately to 24,6 percent), P-O Westerlund (8 748 shares, which equals approximately 17,5 percent), Niclas Öhman (5 720 shares, which equals approximately 11,4 percent). Indirect ownership indicates that shares are owned via a company.