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Research on service delivery and customer satisfaction

When it comes to assessing the effectiveness of customer service delivery and overall satisfaction levels of a customer base, a company must take many details into account to make that assessment as accurate as possible. Such details include the overall customer experience from beginning to end, how appreciated and taken care of customers feel, and the feeling of satisfaction that employees have. These areas working together create an experience for the customer that helps them keep coming back again and again. Companies often build models that are designed to improve the effect that their services or products have on their customers. Without concentration on this topic, a business is almost sure to fail.

Customer experience

The customer experience is the first thing that people see or think about when the topic of service delivery and customer satisfaction comes up. There are good reasons for that, too. If a business is unable to provide a positive experience to their customers, they are not going to keep customers loyal for very long. People want to feel well taken care of when they work with a company, and so business owners must work to make their customers feel secure and happy. One way for that to happen is to walk through every aspect of the customer’s experience when dealing with the company, and to consider things from their point of view. After identifying potential difficulties, whatever changes need to be made to improve the experience must be initiated.

Keeping everyone happy

Keeping everyone happy seems like a no-brainer when thinking about the topic of customer satisfaction, but there is a part that is a little harder to see. The “how” is not always so obvious. Companies employ all kinds of tactics and strategies to learn about how their customers are feeling so that they can make the necessary changes to improve this relationship. Examples include taking customer satisfaction surveys, sending in secret shoppers, and doing marketing research to compare customer responses across the market, and much more. To really become customer-centric, a company needs to take advantage of insights that will result from both customers’ opinions and behaviors.

Concluding thoughts

With the right tools, a company can successfully bring their products and services to their customers in ways that increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Finding the right balance between the needs of the company and of the customers is beneficial to everyone involved. Striving to become more and more customer-centric is a priority for the largest and most successful companies in the world.

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Nepa focus on organizing, combining and managing large amounts of data coming from a multitude of sources – from both opinions and actual behavior. We apply advanced analytics that systematically manages to link relevant data to concrete business outcomes for companies. Then we help our clients to automate the process to continuously feed their entire organizations with the latest and customer-based insights to act upon.

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