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Retail Analytics Case Studies

It’s important for any company to make retail analytics case studies. By doing so they can find out what they are doing right and wrong, and come up with solutions to increase their sales. Retail trade is rapidly changing and trend-sensitive and therefore it is important to have both the market and its competitors under constant observation in order to stay competitive.

What Can Your Company Do Better?

Let’s pretend that we make a case study to find out how we can make a bookstore sell more books. The first thing you must do when you’re going to do a case study analytics for your retail business is to find out what made your customers make purchases when they were at the store. It’s also important to find out if there was any particular reason that they didn’t buy something. No matter what the retail store sells, the analytics case studies almost always give the same result.

What Makes Customers Buy?

To create this study, we ask the customers after they’ve bought a book if they’d like to answer a couple of questions. The questions could for example be: What did you think about the staff? What did they do well and what could they do better? The staff might be the most important key to selling.

Analyzing the Case Study

Once the case study is done, it’s time to analyze the results. In this case, we will take a look at what the customers answered, since that is what we decided to focus on. There can be many factors that make customers buy books. One important thing can be that the employees greet the customers and ask them if they’re looking for a particular book. The service might be considered to be even better if a sales clerk also accompanies them to whatever book they were looking for. If the bookstore focuses on these kinds of customer service objectives, then it would probably lead to increased sales.

Coming Up with a Solution

Since we want to give the customers a better service, we need to educate the clerks better and teach them how to treat the customers. We also need to know when the store has the most customers. That can, for example, be done by installing a counter by the door.

Retail analytics case studies can be done in different ways and show different results. It might, for example, be important at a sporting goods store to have employees who are fit.


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