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Shopper Journey

To fully appreciate the term ‘shopper journey’ or “path to purchase” as it´s also called, the ideas behind shopper insights must be understood. Companies must try and connect with their customers to serve them better and create experiences that keep those customers coming back. Customer loyalty and customer satisfaction are intimately linked, and any business looking to advance itself must take that idea to heart. Shopper insights help companies understand what is working for their customers and what needs to be changed, and the shopper journey provides insights along every step that a customer takes leading up to a purchase.

The Beginning of the Journey

The first step of the shopper journey is in the inception of the idea to shop. Consumers are influenced in many ways, and those influences lead to the eventual purchase of a service or product. Those who give their attention to the shopper journey are tasked with the difficult job of figuring out why and how the consumer goes from initial idea or influence to a final purchase. Where the consumer finally decides to settle is even more important. Shopper journey specialists often write up plans that help funnel consumers into their company by creating inviting steps along the way.

How can Nepa help your company?

Nepa develop skills and products that can organize and validate research data with behavioral data. Then we create prescriptive insights that enable your business to act more customer-centric and solve real business problems. We are not satisfied until insight is transported, easily presented and made actionable to the end users of your organization. Do you need help? Feel free to contact us.

Understanding Why Shoppers Shop

The only real way to filter consumers into any mode of shopping, an understanding of why shoppers do what they do is crucial. This is where finding out which types of shoppers are browsers, which are planners, and which are impulse shoppers helps determine how to adapt a service or product to enhance the outcome.

Where Do Shoppers Shop?

Since the goal of collecting shopper journey data is to better understand how to provide the most attractive opportunities for consumers, considering where the different types of shoppers choose to shop is very important. While every shopper might go into every store, each one will spend time and money in one or more of those stores. There is nothing random about why people shop the way they do, and being able to understand what a shopper will buy before they do so is a very powerful tool.

Concluding Thoughts

The focus of every company that has customers should be on the customers themselves. Paying attention to the customer experience from beginning to end makes it possible to provide an environment that customers will be happy to stay in, and creating a positive customer journey is key to long-term customer loyalty and the success of any company.

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