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Shopper Research Techniques

Shopper research techniques are important since they’re an excellent way to improve a company’s service and sales. There are several different research techniques, but at the moment it seems like the quantitative ones are the most prevalent. That’s a shame since qualitative shopper research techniques can be as good, if not better. Here you’ll get some examples of both qualitative and quantitative shopper research techniques.

Quantitative Research Techniques

One type of a quantitative research technique is to interview customers when they exit the store, or to have someone observing them while they’re shopping. Another easy research technique is to analyze the sales data or let the customers become members by offering them loyalty cards. Quantitative research techniques have the obvious advantage that you can collect a lot of statistics at quite a low cost. It is also less time consuming than qualitative research. The question is: Do we need qualitative research techniques?

Qualitative Research Techniques

The trend is that companies are using less qualitative research techniques, and this is true for a few reasons. Other than the fact that you can’t collect as much data as you can when you scan the monthly sales, qualitative research costs more. One example of that is so-called accompanied shopping. It is a research technique that takes hours to do. It can, for example, be done like this: the researcher visits the respondent at home to ask questions. Then the researcher follows the respondent to the store to observe and ask more questions, and finally follows her or him home for a final interview. Once it’s done, the researcher also must write everything down and interpret it. It’s a very effective, but expensive qualitative research technique. Other qualitative research techniques are exit interviews or observations done at the store. Once again, the cost of doing them is what makes companies avoid these qualitative research techniques. Another reason why stores and other companies prefer quantitative research techniques is lack of imagination.

Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Research Techniques

Quantitative research techniques are a much easier way to get lots of data, and that’s often what companies focus on. If you for example work in retail, and want to show your boss how well the company’s doing, then quantitative researches are the best way since they show exactly how big the sales are. But one thing they don’t show us is why something happened; neither does it show us why something didn’t happen. This is what qualitative research can show. So, it’s clear that businesses need to use both qualitative and quantitative research techniques.


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Nepa focus on organizing, combining and managing large amounts of data coming from a multitude of sources – from both opinions and actual behavior. We apply advanced analytics that systematically manages to link relevant data to concrete business outcomes for companies. Then we help our clients to automate the process to continuously feed their entire organizations with the latest and customer-based insights to act upon.


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