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Sources of Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the foundation on which all good business rests. If your customers aren’t happy you are probably going to start losing money in a not so distant future. The importance of actively working to measure and improve customer satisfaction cannot be stressed enough.

What Makes Customers Happy?

Providing a great product or service at a competitive price is usually the key factors for having happy customers. But that is not all there is to it. At least part of your marketing budget should go towards the after sales process. For the consumer, it is perfectly natural that after they have bought something they may start to reconsider the purchase. Was it so good compared to the other products they could have bought instead? Does it really make them happy or make their life better? This is especially true if your product is considered expensive, which is why car salesmen are experts in this field. A while after you have bought a new car you will be contacted again by the brand’s representative; whose job is to give you the arguments needed to settle the internal conflict of whether you made the right choice.

Should All Customers Be Happy?

Trying to make your customers happy is a no-brainer. But, and this is important, if your customers are too happy, this could indicate that you’re either spending too much money on customer service, or have set a price which is too low in relation to the product or service you are selling. The old saying that the customer is always right should also be taken with a grain of salt. Some customers are just plain pains in the butt, and spending lots of energy and staff hours trying to keep them happy is often worse for business than letting them go and bother one of your competitors instead.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Make it part of your routine to always ask your customers how they think you are performing. The way in which this is done must fit the product or service you are selling. If you have lots of returning clients, a questionnaire sent out at the end of the year (preferably at the same time that you might typically send them a Christmas present) will increase the number of people who will answer your questionnaire). If you are more of a consultant working with single projects, make sure to always make time for an open evaluation with the client when the project is completed. This will give you instant feedback, with which you can strive to improve and fine tune your processes.

And how can Nepa help out?

Nepa is taking the concept of actionable insight to the next level – to more levels and more people in an organization and more clearly explained. We believe in distributing the right data, in the right format, to the right stakeholder, at the right time, enabling decentralized and customer-centric decision-making. We have an end user-perspective where we find and solve customers business issues that our competitors don´t. We enable our clients to invest their efforts where innovation, development and sales is created.