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Nepa Global Sport

Drive Fan Engagement and Sponsorships with Fan Insights
How to win with Nepa Global Sport
  • Fan engagement and retention
  • Increased sponsorship valuations
  • Maximize gameday engagement and revenue

Fan Experience

Track fan engagement in real time, pre, during and post event to prioritize experiences that generate fan loyalty and increased gameday spend.

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Sponsorship Valuation

Nepa’s brand measurement expertise is applied by Nepa Sport consultants to measure the true value that brands gain from club sponsorships.

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Fan Insight Consulting

The success of on-field analytics has made sports business leaders’ hungry for insights about their fans and marketing performance. Nepa Sport consultants draw from a broad toolkit to help you win off the field.

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Success Story

Louisville City FC saw an 18% boost in season ticket renewals and a $1.3 million increase in sponsorship value with Nepa Global Sport solutions.

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