Brand Tracking

Manage, track, and grow your brand with always-on, actionable insights.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Monitor and optimise the long and short-term effects of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track your campaign’s performance before, after, and as it happens.

Building Brand Legacies

We blend state-of-the-art technology with ingenious human analysis, transforming raw information into opportunities for progress. Trusted by global titans, we decode consumer desires and empower brands to optimise their marketing strategies.


Uncovering new paths for brand evolution

We understand that continuous insights, not sporadic surveys, drive lasting success. By meticulously monitoring and analysing marketing effects, Nepa equips visionary brands with the intelligence to adapt, thrive, and triumph.


We don’t just solve problems, we empower you to outperform

With more touchpoints than ever, answers to key business questions are increasingly opaque. You need a provider who can bring together industry expertise, best-in-class research, and cutting-edge tech to help navigate your data landscape. The world’s biggest brands partner with Nepa for a full picture of their brand health.

How we do it


Great people at work

Behind Nepa’s triumphs are the leaders that fuel our innovation. As pioneers of sensemaking and disruptors of norms, we’re relentless learners, ceaselessly striving to outshine our past achievements. With passion and prowess, our team crafts the future of marketing intelligence.


Sensemakers and disruptors

We’re a team of creative problem-solvers passionate about crafting winning solutions for our partners. We understand the challenges you face today, and witnessing your victories fuels our collective ambition.

We love to learn and strive to be better, every day.

We attack every challenge with disruptive thinking and creative fire.

We are powered by brilliant minds.


Global network, local touch

Established in 2006 in Sweden, Nepa has evolved into a global force, servicing over 50 Countries. With headquarters in Stockholm, our footprint extends to Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, Mumbai, and New York.


Real results, tangible success

From global brands to emerging enterprises, we've helped businesses like yours unlock new opportunities, optimise strategies, and drive growth. Dive into our case studies and witness the transformative power of Nepa's insights firsthand.

Transformative success

Discover how Nepa's insights can transform your marketing efforts and drive long-term brand health.

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