Brand Tracking

Manage, track, and grow your brand with always-on, actionable insights.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Monitor and optimise the long and short-term effects of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track your campaign’s performance before, after, and as it happens.


What makes us different?

Our success is all thanks to the people in our company. They are what makes Nepa extraordinary. As sense makers and disruptors, we love to learn and always strive to be better than yesterday.


We see what others don’t

We seek to give our clients the insights that matter by looking for meaningful connections in data—the golden nuggets.


We love it, and it shows

For us, work is more than a job – we are on a mission to tackle every challenge with a lot of heart. Curiosity and generosity are in our DNA.


We are bold

We believe that business is better when operating from a place of honesty. As sense makers, our task is just as much about taking away the unnecessary as it is showing the necessary.


We are accountable

We are not just a business, we are a community that cares and acts accordingly. That’s why we hold ourselves to strong standards.

With more than 290 people globally, we have a mobile workforce that collaborates to share knowledge and help uncover the brand stories that matter.










Our people are given the freedom and opportunity to grow their own way, but also the guidance and support that comes with being part of a collaborative team.

Staff Stories

During my interview, I had an immediate connection with my current manager and her vision for the business. We all have a commercial mindset so it’s not just research but how we can use our expertise to answer business critical questions and spot opportunities.

I like working in a growth company with new clients, an entrepreneurial ‘can do’ attitude, personal development and always being stretched.

Sam Richardson

Account & Project Management

Nepa is open, welcoming and empowering which enables all of us here to be our absolute best. I resonate with this passion and warmth.

At Nepa, I have had the opportunity to grow holistically – not just as a research professional but as a leader and every day there is something new to be learnt from the amazing people that work here. Challenging status quo has been at the heart of our mission in this data first world and our clients appreciate that about us.

Veena KP

Client Excellence

The people are really the best thing at Nepa. We have such talented, passionate and at the same time humble people working here, which is extremely important for me.

Besides the people, I appreciate the opportunity to grow my professional skills every day as well as long term; at Nepa I have always had the chance to develop my career towards the direction I want.

Reeta Korhonen

People Operations

There’s not a day that goes by where you don’t learn a new way of doing something better than how you did it before. There are a lot of smart people here at Nepa, and each of them offers diverse knowledge and skill sets to innovate and deliver high quality products to our clients.

The core of Nepa’s culture is working with individuals who are curious and eager to learn and grow.

Matt Healy

Analytical Services

I love the level of responsibility you receive as a new member of Nepa, which makes you feel that you contribute to the business from the get-go. The innovative spirit of Nepa is present in all of my colleagues who with their curiosity and passion for problem solving makes Nepa the best place to work.

Philip Wettergren

Account & Project Management

The combination of personal responsibility with good support and team spirit has allowed me to develop and grow quickly and there is always something new and interesting to keep things fresh.

With the years, you will take on more responsibilities and start teaching others what you know, but you will never stop learning.

Niclas Rudin

Account & Project Management


As a global business with a diverse range of projects across our sectors, we can offer opportunities and experiences that very few can match.

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