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What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing encourages and enables employees, customers, and suppliers to anonymously report any serious or sensitive concerns about an organisation.

Whistleblowing at Nepa

The business integrity of Nepa is non-negotiable. We are committed to conducting our business both in accordance with the law and our high ethical standards.

This system highlights the responsibility we all have to identify situations and areas where as an organisation, or as employees, current laws or company guidelines are not followed. It also becomes a reminder of the company’s responsibility to clarify which rules apply, and what is expected of employees. Overall, the whistleblower system should strengthen a culture where problems are identified and addressed.

Our strong hope is that we have fostered a corporate culture that means it is possible to have open dialogues about any problems or issues that may arise. However, the ability to anonymously leave tips is proof that n-one should have to worry about the consequences of pointing out misconduct.

Key elements of the policy

– That it provides a channel for employees, customers, and suppliers to raise serious and sensitive concerns

– That it ensures such concerns are treated in a serious and appropriate manner

– That it reassures any person raising a serious concern in good faith is protected from reprisals and retaliation

What is covered?

Serious and sensitive concerns that could have an adverse impact on the operation and performance of Nepa that, due to their nature, cannot be reported through the normal reporting line are the focus of this policy. These can include:

– Bribes

– Fraud

– Money laundering

– Embezzlement

– Insider crimes

– Market manipulation

– Violation of competition laws

– Non-compliance with internal controls procedures

– Breach of trust

– Discrimination

– Harassment

– Neglect

– Child labour

– Environmental crimes etc.


All communication will be anonymous and confidential, unless you explicitly instruct otherwise. The reporting channel web form helps the discloser to structure the disclosed information.

However, on some occasions investigators may require additional information. Any email addressed provided are anonymised, meaning investigators can get in contact with the discloser by email without any personally identifiable information being made visible.

After investigations are completed, the discloser will receive an email summary of the case assessment. Again, investigators are unable to see any personally identifiable information on the receiver.

How to make a report

You can make a report online by visiting Alternatively, you can call +46 20 899 433.