Brand Tracking

Manage, track, and grow your brand with always-on, actionable insights.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Monitor and optimise the long and short-term effects of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track your campaign’s performance before, after, and as it happens.

Improve your performance

Real world
actionable insights

A Nepa Campaign Evaluation is more than a retrospective follow-up on KPIs. Our approach is to focus on learnings which are benchmarked with our database of evaluations from 2,800+ campaigns in many industries and markets. We focus on creating learnings that will improve the performance of your campaigns in the real world.

Pre and post-testing your campaign evaluations ensures that you have a baseline to compare against, helping you measure the true impact of your creative efforts. By assessing effectiveness before and after launch, you gain insights into what works and what needs improvement, allowing for real-time adjustments and optimisation. This approach enhances your ability to refine strategies, maximise ROI, and create more resonant and successful campaigns in the future.

Cut through the noise

Your brand in context

Many brands struggle to cut through the noise in today’s crowded media landscape. Regardless of how much money you invest in media, or which channels you choose, with poor creative the campaign will not deliver the results you want. Doing continuous campaign evaluation is a systematic approach to creating relevant campaigns that cut through the noise.


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Added emotion

Go beyond
hard facts

For a campaign to move the needle for your brand consumers not only need to see your campaign , they need to feel something when they see it. So beyond reach, impressions, and observations, we also measure the emotional footprints of your campaigns.


A holistic diagnosis of campaign performance across media channels, helping brave marketeers adapt and improve creative content for increased effectiveness.


Optimise creative content in each media to achieve maximum impact on your brand and business.

Applying Nepa’s Brand Noise Reduction algorithm to Marketing Mix Modelling really gives us peace of mind that we’re making decisions based on the best data possible.

Brinda Mathew

Head of Brand Marketing Performance, IKEA Canada

I would 100% recommend the capability and people of Nepa.

Brittney Williams

Portfolio Director of Portable Wholesome Snacks, Kellogg's

Our collaboration with NEPA is important for us. Understanding our consumer and their view of GANT is imperative for us to succeed.

Alexander Nilsson

Global Brand Strategy & Insights Director, GANT

The Nepa insight presentations are really valued by our global and local market teams. They go beyond the obvious, making it very interesting with very clear explanations and analysis. Great job!

Kajsa Jepson

Global Key Account Manager, Ikano Bank AB

The brand tracking service provided by Nepa has enabled us to monitor brand performance on a chain and group level. This enables us to identify growth potential for individual chains and for the group, as well as learning more about how individual brand concepts are performing and how they potentially could be strengthened.

Knut Vidar Nilsen

Chief Marketing Officer, VARNER


Our experience allows
us to bring our expertise
to any sector


Adapt to win

Our 360-degree, continuous approach shows how consumers think, helps realise growth potential, and demonstrates return on investment.

Brand Tracking

Identify what matters most to your customers, act on hidden opportunities, and protect against threats using our continuous brand tracking.

Marketing Mix Modelling

With so many choices, finding the right mix of media for your brand is difficult. Adjust your marketing activity to optimise your investments for both short-term sales and long-term branding.

Custom Modules

Use additional modules to manage pricing, brand personality, brand assets and category drivers and place customers at the heart of your marketing decisions.


Our insights, inspiration and news

As insights storytellers, we constantly work to provide resources to stay on the pulse of marketing and insights. Discover inspiration, explore our in-depth ‘Originals’ reports, and find out more about how we support brave marketeers.

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