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Cut through the noise

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In a fast-moving world where communications are always-on, you have a fraction of a second to cut through the noise. Rather than using lists of questions and attributes to research assets, at Nepa we use a script to understand how much time it takes for respondents to identify a brand’s attributes. We analyse the distribution of answers in milliseconds, to define what a “fast answer” is. Using this information, we can help brands understand which of their assets core to making the brand recognisable.

Fame and uniqueness

How strong are your assets?

We analyse how your assets score in two areas. The first is fame; which is the share of people associating an asset to a brand. This measures how recognisable an asset it is. The second is uniqueness, which is measured by the share of people who give the correct answer. This helps us understand how strong an asset is – the stronger the asset the more potential your brand has to stand out.

Prioritise your assets

Simple to understand results

Prioritise which of your visual and audio assets use, in order to optimise your sender recall. Brand asset optimisation allows you to A/B tests all of your marketing materials, streamline your assets, and ultimately save both time and money.


Different assets work for different audiences. By knowing which assets work best you can find the perfect mix and reach out to different target groups.


Using Brand Asset studies, you can understand and prioritise which to use in your communication to optimise a higher recall.

I would 100% recommend the capability and people of Nepa.

Brittney Williams

Portfolio Director of Portable Wholesome Snacks, Kellogg's

The Nepa insight presentations are really valued by our global and local market teams. They go beyond the obvious, making it very interesting with very clear explanations and analysis. Great job!

Kajsa Jepson

Global Key Account Manager, Ikano Bank AB

Our collaboration with NEPA is important for us. Understanding our consumer and their view of GANT is imperative for us to succeed.

Alexander Nilsson

Global Brand Strategy & Insights Director, GANT

Applying Nepa’s Brand Noise Reduction algorithm to Marketing Mix Modelling really gives us peace of mind that we’re making decisions based on the best data possible.

Brinda Mathew

Head of Brand Marketing Performance, IKEA Canada

The brand tracking service provided by Nepa has enabled us to monitor brand performance on a chain and group level. This enables us to identify growth potential for individual chains and for the group, as well as learning more about how individual brand concepts are performing and how they potentially could be strengthened.

Knut Vidar Nilsen

Chief Marketing Officer, VARNER


Our experience allows
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Adapt to win

Our 360-degree, continuous approach shows how consumers think, helps realise growth potential, and demonstrates return on investment.

Willingness to Pay

True brand equity is all about the price premium your consumers are willing to pay for your brand. See how you compare against competitors in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Market Segmentation

Understanding your consumer’s needs, values, and behaviours is key to creating effective, engaging content and building your brand. Segmentations based on people’s needs and values offer you unique insights to create long-term growth.

Brand Touch

All good brands have distinctive personalities in order to stand out from the crowd. See where you and your competition lie, so you can build a uniquely powerful brand experience.


Our insights, inspiration and news

As insights storytellers, we constantly work to provide resources to stay on the pulse of marketing and insights. Discover inspiration, explore our in-depth ‘Originals’ reports, and find out more about how we support brave marketeers.

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