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The shopper journey has evolved

From a traditional funnel,
to an infinite loop

The marketing landscape is undergoing a radical transformation. Conventional attribution methods are dying out due to new laws and regulations, alongside the increasing complexity of consumer journeys across multiple channels and devices. It is becoming progressively more difficult for brands to incorporate the numerous earned and owned touchpoints into their analyses and evaluate each to the same standards.

Consumers have moved away from the traditional linear journey, and as a result, the marketing funnel is no longer sufficient to capture a true holistic view. No touchpoint only drives awareness. No touchpoint only drives consideration. No touchpoint only drives loyalty. Instead, the funnel has evolved into an infinite loop with conversions at the centre, surrounded by awareness, consideration, and loyalty.

Understand your shopper journeys

How to drive basket incidence
& revenue growth

Our P2P studies allows you to uncover the connected shopper journeys for your product at all touchpoints, including digital, physical, paid, unpaid, earned, and owned, that influence purchase conversions. Alongside this, it quantifies the effectiveness of each touchpoint at converting your consumers, and what role they play at what time in the journey.

This in-depth understanding of your touchpoints provides actionable insights for brand and category, channel, media, shopper marketing, and retail partner teams.

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The methodology

How it works

We combine behavioural data from URL tracking with self-stated data from diaries to unfurl the multiple paths of category shoppers over a multiple week purchase cycle.

1. Touchpoint type

We uncover all the touchpoints of your consumer’s journey, both physical and digital, and at which stage it occurred. These cover everything, from in-store displays and samples, to OOH and social media.

2. Conversion power

For each touchpoint uncovered, we then create an index that ranks each one on their probability of increasing purchase when a consumer is exposed along the journey.

3. Frequency

Finally, this data is then displayed against the share of all shopper journeys in which the touchpoint appears, in order to offer you the actionable data to prioritise and invest in the most impactful marketing channels

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