Brand Tracking

Manage, track, and grow your brand with always-on, actionable insights.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Monitor and optimise the long and short-term effects of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track your campaign’s performance before, after, and as it happens.

The insights you need, when you need them

We track over 7,500 different global brands every single day. We give you the insights you need to understand the effectiveness of your marketing, act on hidden opportunities, protect against threats and grow.

The Solution

From snapshot to story

Traditional tracking often mistakes short-term spikes in KPIs for actual brand growth, giving you a false sense of security.
Seeing the full picture lets you make informed decisions, preventing surprises.

Nepa’s Brand Tracking reveals the true story.

Cut through the data fog

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Product Details

Connect the dots

Continuous Brand Tracking allows you to put your brand in context. View the long-term impact of your marketing efforts and understand how each campaign contributes to your overall brand health.

Brand funnel analysis

Track your brand's journey through the funnel, ensuring all stages are optimised for maximum impact.

Deep audience insights

Uncover critical demographic details to refine targeting, and ensure your message resonates with the right people.

Brand associations

Understand how your brand is perceived, both functionally and emotionally, to strengthen your brand image.

Industry-specific tracking

Go beyond generic metrics. We tailor your dashboards to capture industry-specific data points crucial for your success.

Customer Experience (CX) & Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Benchmark your customer satisfaction against competitors and identify areas for improvement.

Solution Overview

Build a brand that endures

Nepa’s Brand Tracking equips you with the tools and insights to help your brand thrive. Make informed decisions, optimise strategy, and bring transformative growth to your brand over the long haul.

  • Get feedback: Gather immediate data on your marketing activities, allowing you to refine your approach and maximize efficiency.
  • Uncover the “why”:Understand the root causes behind your performance and set relevant goals.
  • Develop competitive foresight: Stay on top of the development of your brand’s position and monitor the competitive landscape.
  • Spot your next move: Identify new opportunities for brand growth.


Tailored solutions for powerful results

Whether you're a startup or a global enterprise, Nepa’s Brand Tracking adapts to you. Beyond a plug-and-play approach, we work together to craft a bespoke solution that fits the needs of your business.


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per month

A plug-and-play solution that requires no consultancy support and is available to your whole team in the dashboard.


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per month

A deeper brand health understanding, with category and target group level insights 
and limited consultancy.


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per month

A granular brand health understanding with a channel and U&A focus, as well as full consultancy support.


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On request

per month

Talk to our expert team today about designing a more bespoke solution built around your business needs.

Make your data go further

Survey-led brand tracking is a constant trade-off between accuracy and cost. The larger the sample size, the more reliable the insights, but invariably the larger the budget required. AI Trend Boost gives you insights with the same accuracy as a sample with five times the data, meaning you can separate true trends from the noise.

Population trend

Raw brand tracking data

Al Trend Boost

Marketing Intelligence

Embrace the shift

Keep your finger on the pulse with Nepa's Marketing Intelligence tools.


Transformative success

From global brands to budding startups, businesses of all kinds have leveraged Nepa’s insights to unlock new opportunities, optimise strategies, and drive tangible growth.

See for yourself how Nepa can transform your business.

The Kellogg's company manufactures and markets in over 190 countries across the globe. Here's how they ensure that their products remain relevant.

With 172 million subscribers across Scandinavia and Asia, Telenor is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. But how do they maintain their position?

A long-term partnership with brand tracking agency Nepa has enabled VARNER to increase their understanding of their brands, their markets, and their potential areas for growth.

A partnership with Nepa helped GANT understand their growth opportunities, how their competition was perceived, and their relative brand strength and positioning in all of their main markets.

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