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Additional Solutions

Adapt to win

Use additional modules to manage pricing, brand personality, brand assets, and category drivers. Place your customers at the heart of your marketing decisions.


Customer Experience

Use our actionable insights to create happy customers. We build a tailored CX program, from strategic to operational insights and on-going ad-hoc feedback, creating sustainable customer growth.


Concept & Design Tests

Test market potential before developing or acquiring new features, products, or services.


Price & Packaging

Estimate demand and price sensitivity on the market and amongst competitors to maximise profitability. Assess packaging and different bundle options to identify optimal product ranges, drive customer acquisition, and grow revenue for each customer.


Paths to Purchase

Capture all brand exposure as touchpoints including both attitudinal and behavioural data, then break down the data, the demographic, the product, the brand, and the channel to understand the power of each touchpoint in driving purchase conversion.


Role of Search

Use clickstream data to capture shoppers’ online behaviour, understand how shoppers navigate online, and what influence their searching activity has on their brand perceptions across the whole brand funnel.
Our Services

The keys to brand growth

Brand Tracking

Building and sustaining a meaningful position from your competitors can be difficult. View the effects of your marketing activities on your brand funnel, and make proactive decisions.

Marketing Mix Modelling

With so many choices, finding the right mix of media for your brand is difficult. Adjust your marketing activity to optimise your investments for both short-term sales and long-term branding.

Campaign Evaluation

Running campaigns is all about constant evaluation and evolution. As consumers and the wider landscape change, find the right mix of channels, messaging, creative, and format to optimise your ROI.


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