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Case Study

Kellogg’s trusts Nepa to help it remain relevant

Mississauga, On, Canada - October 24, 2020: A close up Kellogg's

The story

The Kellogg’s company is a multi-national food manufacturing business producing leading cereal and snack foods such as Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, Pringles, and Cheez-It. Headquartered in America, these products are manufactured and marketed in over 180 countries across the globe.

With so many categories in so many markets, how does Kellogg’s ensure that their products remain relevant? By understanding the needs of their consumer and the buying habits of their shopper through the many paths to purchase.

A category, brand, and shopper behaviour study by marketing intelligence experts Nepa helped Kellogg’s to uncover their connected shopper journeys, how these differed by market and, most importantly, how they can be interrupted to drive conversions both online and offline.

“I would 100% recommend the capability and people of Nepa.”

— Brittney Williams, Portfolio Director of Portable Wholesome Snacks

Close-up of a Pringles logo on a stand with chips in a store. Pr

The plan

Kellogg’s wanted to re-launch their Pringles brand with new creative, new flavours, and a new focus. They also wanted to increase market penetration by expanding the brand for consideration across different eating occasions and demand moments.

Selecting one of Nepa’s dynamic marketing intelligence tools, an omni-channel paths to purchase analysis was established that spanned 10 global markets including India, UK, Korea, France, and Brazil. It covered all major market channels such as eCommerce, hypermarket, supermarket, discounter, bodega, club and convenience.

It was key that this research offered Kellogg’s the insights they needed to deliver effective propositions and communications for their Salty snacks category.

The result

The work has been instrumental in Kellogg’s development of channel and shopper strategies, and has been the basis of all core brand building initiatives. Nepa’s learnings were shared with Kellogg’s creative agency so that they could develop a new shopper toolkit for every market. The output is now the global Kellogg’s standard.

Whilst Nepa’s marketing intelligence capabilities were a fundamental part of the project’s success, the consultative approach between the two companies was the real game changer. The research needed to be useful for global, regional, and market specific teams in Kellogg’s, so everyone needed to align with one methodology and set of research KPIs. Nepa became a true extension of Kellogg’s insight and marketing departments.

The result


global market surveyed

Our Approach

We convert data into
opportunities for growth

Marketing is an investment

Many brands are seeing budget cuts. But focusing only on short-term goals means you can miss the contribution of long-term brand building to growth. To demonstrate the ROI of your marketing you need a team that is experienced in linking your brand KPIs to your company’s financial performance, over time. We help you make those connections, which are essential for making marketing decisions that drive growth.

Ensure brand relevance

As technologies, trends, and industries shift, so do your customers. You need to keep on the pulse of people’s perceptions and behaviours by understanding how your brand is used, its personality, and how your communications are working in order to make adjustments over time.

Select the right channels

Assessing the strength of each individual media channel helps you to focus on the right investments. But most media measurement does not integrate and evaluate all the different channels now available. Our Media Mix Modelling assesses the ROI of all media investments including social, allowing brands to make decisions around budgets for every media, execution, campaign duration, and creative.

Increase market share

There are several ways to increase market share. Sell more to existing customers. Expand your customer base. Sell through new channels. However, in order to choose the right option, you need to understand your potential customer base.

Our Market Segmentation gives you clear, useful information on both current and potential customers. It splits people into different groups based on needs and values, offering insights on how to grow your brand in these different markets.

Measure your performance

As media changes, so do people and their behaviour. To improve performance, you need to evaluate and evolve your campaigns constantly, so that you can make and measure adjustments over time. We help you find the right mix of channels, messaging, creative, and format to increase your impact and ROI.


Adapt to win

Our 360-degree, continuous approach shows how consumers think, helps realise growth potential, and demonstrates return on investment.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Adjust activity in near real-time with models that are continuously learning from your media activity, sales performance, and brand health.

Campaign Evaluation

Running campaigns is all about constant evaluation and evolution. Find the right mix of channels, messaging, creative, and format to get the most out of your communications.

Custom Modules

Use additional modules to manage pricing, brand personality, brand assets and category drivers and place customers at the heart of your marketing decisions.


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