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Generation Alpha – The Start Of Something New

August 23, 2022

Children playing on swings

Karen Chandler

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At Nepa, we understand people. It’s one of our greatest strengths as an insights agency. We are curious to know what people are thinking and why. But how about Generation Alpha? The oldest of this generation were born the year the iPad launched, which means that they are now on the cusp of becoming teenagers, with their own thoughts, opinions, and life values.

Generation Alpha India : Digital Se Kuch Aage” is an exploratory study that dives into this cohort of the future of India. They have very different ideas on how brands should operate, organisations should function, and brands should evolve.

We are talking self-dependence, the power of youth, and the next gen potential. The possibilities from tuning in to what our youngest can bring to the table are endless!” said Esha Nagar, MD Nepa India.

To find out more, watch our Generation Alpha trailer!

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