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What is dynamic marketing intelligence, and why do you need to know about it?

June 24, 2022

A close up view of the north pole on a globe

Karen Chandler

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If you were alive in the 18th century you would have been aware of ‘the longitude problem’. A huge issue at the time, it meant that without the ability to measure longitude sailors became lost as soon as they got into open waters. Determining longitude on land was fairly easy compared to the task on the ocean. A stable surface to work from, a comfortable location to live in while performing the work, plus the ability to repeat determinations over time made for almost perfect accuracy. But thousands of lives and the increasing fortunes of nations, were dependant on resolving ‘the longitude problem’ at sea.

Fast forward to today and what has the ‘longitude problem’ to do with marketing you ask? Well, right now, most marketeers are lost at sea when it comes to their marketing data. Marketeers make choices and judgements based on incomplete information. Like the seafarers of the 18th century, they are not able to map their true position.

This is because building brands is a long-term effort. You need to know what has gone before in order to set your direction. Companies grow by establishing long-lasting and meaningful connections with consumers. However, most marketing information is based on separate fixed points in time (like the land the sailors had left behind), rather than being a true reflection of the continual ebbing and flowing of a turbulent sea. Just like a boat on the ocean, marketers need to follow the currents and winds for smooth sailing. It is only by understanding the breadth and depth of that sea, in other words by gathering data and adjusting our understanding continually, that we can successfully resolve our 21st Century longitude problem.

Our solution, dynamic marketing intelligence, leverages your data to support informed, flexible, and responsive decisions in a way that is agile and fast moving. It gives your marketing the edge because you are always aware and always ready.

We call it dynamic because we measure data continuously, taking into account the myriad changes that occur in a market on a daily basis. You cannot have a real understanding of what is going on based on occasional measurement. You cannot switch off human behaviour, so why switch off your data? By integrating measures of attitudinal data ongoing, you find the reasons behind changing behaviour, and avoid making expensive mistakes. By constantly measuring your marketing mix and your consumers’ perceptions, we enable you to build a marketing strategy aimed at creating long-term relationships and growth.

The longitude problem was solved by a clockmaker, John Harrison, who spent four decades creating the first clock (chronometer) that was sufficiently accurate to be used to determine longitude at sea. Like the clock, dynamic marketing intelligence allows you to sail on, make continual adjustments to your route, and progress smoothly to your ultimate destination.

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