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Forget me not, how to stand out and be remembered

According to Greek mythology, Zeus was naming all things on earth.  Just when he thought he had… Read more
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Block Background Noise – Make Your Brand Data Acc..

Brand tracking is important. A continuous and holistic measurement of brand health and communications helps brands to… Read more

How to Scale the Effect of Social Media with Brilliant ..

How do you as an advertiser best utilize social media advertising to strengthen brand and sales? In… Read more
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Introduction to Brand Touch – are you Batman or the J..

Every good story has a hero and a villain. We can all picture the hero being brave,… Read more

Nepa & RealityMine Webinar – Drive Growth: S..

Webinar: How to drive growth with strategic marketing insights by Kalle Backlund, Head of MMM and Kit Sandford,… Read more
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The meaning of sustainability for Indian consumers

An increasing number of brands consider sustainability an integral part of their business and communications strategy. After… Read more

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Coverage: Customer Experience Magazine

How can advertisers maximise social media potential? Read more
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Marketing Society article by Robert Beatus: New challen..

LONDON, United Kingdom (October 21st, 2021) - Robert Beatus, Head of R&D at Nepa, shares why it's… Read more

SWEDMA Webinar – Get a Comprehensive Picture of Marke..

Webinar: How can you get a comprehensive picture of the effects of marketing? by Kalle Backlund, R&D,… Read more
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A consumer’s Path to Purchase is never linear

Understanding the Omnichannel Path to Purchase is no longer a nice to have, but a must have… Read more
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MTV Insights Studio and Nepa collaboration – MTV ..

MTV Insights Studio launches MTV Youth Study 2021 ‘Atmanirbhar by Circumstance’ A go-to handbook on all things… Read more

Emerging Sustainability Avatars in India – Nepa Brand..

An increasing number of brands consider sustainability an integral part of their business strategy and communication. And… Read more