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Svenska Spel Selects Nepa for Brand Tracking & Cam..

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (September 21st, 2021) - Nepa, a leading Consumer Research and analytics company, has been chosen… Read more
Press Release

Mango partners with Nepa for brand tracking and campaig..

LONDON, United Kingdom (July 20th, 2021) - International fashion retailer Mango has partnered with brand health experts… Read more
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Talk the language of the C-suite

Our last blog talked about the need to streamline the KPIs your business measures to cut out… Read more
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Keeping brand KPIs simple

A simple Google search for ‘brand measurement’ will provide you with countless websites explaining the ’10 critical… Read more
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How to increase brand awareness

Sure, you want consumers to recognise your brand when they encounter it, but increasing brand awareness means… Read more
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Benefits of Path to Purchase Analysis

The path to purchase in today’s omnichannel world is difficult to navigate and can be a nightmare… Read more

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Brand research: What is it & why is it important?

Brand research is essential if you want to find out your brand’s health and get a better… Read more

Maximize ROI on Sustainability – Analysis of Swedish ..

Companies are investing more on sustainability in order to tackle global challenges, but how can one tell… Read more
Blog Post

Power-up your Marketing Mix with brand expertise and da..

What do you get when you combine continuous brand measurements and advanced modelling with true brand experts?… Read more
Press Release

Varner chooses Nepa for their brand tracking program

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (May 20th, 2020) - Nepa, a leading Consumer Research and analytics company, providing insight solutions… Read more
Press Release

Kindred Extends Brand Tracking & Player Insight Pa..

Increase marketing effectiveness through deeper understanding. STOCKHOLM, Sweden (May 26th, 2020) – Nepa, a leading Consumer Research… Read more
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Get to know your customers with brand health tracking

Brand health tracking is a key tool for marketers who wants to understand and really get to… Read more