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Kindred Extends Brand Tracking & Player Insight Pa..

Increase marketing effectiveness through deeper understanding. STOCKHOLM, Sweden (May 26th, 2020) – Nepa, a leading Consumer Research… Read more
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Get to know your customers with brand health tracking

Brand health tracking is a key tool for marketers who wants to understand and really get to… Read more

Sustainability for the new decade- Nepa BrandTouch Sust..

An increasing number of brands consider sustainability an integral part of their business strategy and communication. And… Read more

Learn how to drive sales by optimising your Marketing M..

During the 60 minute webinar you will get a clear understanding on how to optimise your Marketing… Read more

Driving long-term and short-term sales using Facebook a..

Social media platforms are used by one-in-three people in the world and more than two thirds of… Read more

Brand is back panel discussion

Live panel debate "Brand Is Back - Covid edition", lead by our UK stars Lindsay Parry (previously Cowan) and Sam… Read more

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The consumer narrative and what matters- Covid edition

Moving beyond the latest consumer trends we have been reading about : CONSCIOUS SHOPPING : PURCHASES CENTERED… Read more
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Outsmart competitors by tracking willingness to pay

The actual purpose with most companies’ brand investments is to create an incremental value for its customers.… Read more
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Nepa’s syndicated 6-month video game tracker with Cor..

Why start a video game tracker now? The coronavirus pandemic is currently causing the world enormous suffering… Read more
Blog Post

Tracking healthcare service performance using Nepas cus..

To ensure that users are consistently offered a great service, continuously measuring patient experience during the crisis… Read more
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Nepa’s Communication Pre-testing: Striking the Right ..

Here is a PDF describing Nepa's thoughts and solutions on how to make sure you have the… Read more
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Navigating the COVID-19 world

Here is a PDF describing Nepa's thoughts on how to approach market research and opportunities during COVID-19.… Read more