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Path to Purchase - the only analytics solution built for today’s shopping environment

A groundbreaking new approach to mastering the omnichannel Path to Purchase and winning shoppers.
Nepa's Path to Purchase analytics difference
  • Understand which touchpoints really drive conversion
  • Online & Offline touchpoints - measured on one scale
  • Unify brand, shopper, and customer marketing teams around growth
Path to Purchase - the only analytics solution built for today’s shopping environment

The intelligence that only Nepa's Path to Purchase analytics solution provides:

Individual & aggregated shopper journey maps

Provides an accurate metric of Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) and understanding of shopper paths and motivations

Touchpoint effectiveness scoring

Compare the conversion effectiveness of offline and online touchpoints on the same scale

Channel planning

Understand the role and importance of eCommerce and how to optimize it within the omnichannel shopper journey

Retailer and shopper personae specific planning

Improve Joint Business Planning with insight specific to retailers or shopper groups

Shopper Motivation Insights

Understand the motivations that keep shoppers moving toward conversion and link to your existing business frameworks such as demand spaces

Success Story

Learn how a Global FMCG company won a new market by understanding the omnichannel Path to Purchase built on custom, rich shopper datasets & best-in-class analytics

Read the Success Story

Built on custom, rich shopper datasets & best-in-class analytics

Creating an Holistic view of Shopper Journeys using Path to Purchase from Nepa

Bespoke studies which blend passive data and stated data from target shoppers
Behaviours Click stream - The sequence of links that a user follows on a site, presented in order. App tracking Content analysis and in-app journeys
Attitudes & motivations Triggered surveys - A survey presented after a specific transaction event or click. Quantitative diaries- Measuring aspects of people's lives to learn more about their interests and gain an understanding of their motivations. Qualitative in-the-moment feedback - Measuring in-the-moment opinions and feedback to understand the individual’s perspective.

Creating insights that enable differentiated strategies to drive growth

Conversion power of each touchpoint and channel; understand what touchpoint is more effective, why it is more effective and how many conversions each touchpoint brings.

Research behaviours and needs; get a deeper understanding of users wants and needs by analysing their particular behaviours before leading to a purchase.

Triggers and barriers for driving purchase; find out what could be causing a customer to not make a conversion, what UX issues are preventing them from purchasing and how this can be resolved.