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The only analytics solution built for today’s omnichannel path to purchase

A groundbreaking new approach to mastering the omnichannel path to purchase to win shoppers
Nepa's Path to Purchase Analytics difference
  • Understand which touchpoints really drive conversion
  • Online & Offline touchpoints - measured on one scale
  • Unify brand, shopper, and customer marketing teams around growth
The only analytics solution built for today’s omnichannel path to purchase

The Intelligence that only Nepa's Path to Purchase Analytics solution provides:

Individual & aggregated shopper journey maps

Provides accurate ROPO metric and understanding of shopper paths and motivations

Touchpoint effectiveness scoring

Compare the conversion effectiveness of offline and online touchpoints on the same scale

Touchpoint synergy effects

Sometimes 1+1 = 3, or 5. Convert more shoppers by combining the right experiences on their journey

Retailer and shopper personae specific planning

Improve Joint Business Planning with insight specific to retailers or shopper groups

Shopper Motivation Insights

Understand the motivations that keep shoppers moving toward conversion

Success Story

Learn how a Global FMCG won a new market by understanding the omnichannel Path to Purchase built on custom, rich shooper datasets & best-in-class analytics

Read the Success Story

Built on custom, rich shopper datasets & best-in-class analytics

Creating Holistic view of Shopper Journeys

Rich data shopper panel
Behavioral Open URL, App tracking, cookie tracking, web scraping
Attitudes Triggered surveys, diaries, spontaneous feedback

Deliverables that Unify Around Shopper Growth

Omnichannel Journey mapping

Touchpoint effectiveness scoring using chain modeling

Touchpoint frequency analysis

Touchpoint interaction analysis

Accurate Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) metrics

Identify moments of influence

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