Strong brands win, weak brands fade and die.

Brand Tracking identifies what matters most to your audience - so you can act on opportunities and protect against competitive threats.
Strong brands win, weak brands fade and die.

Only Nepa provides technology and brand expertise at every step to drive impact from Brand Tracking:

Engaging research, media data integration, powerful analytics, tailored reporting and delivery, and experienced advisors. This combination ensures you and your colleagues can make timely strategic and tactical decisions with context and confidence.

Always-on Brand Intelligence.

Continuous tracking of your brand’s health and campaign performance.

  • Continuous measurement of consumer sentiment with people-friendly surveys
  • Trusted feedback from panels built to ESOMAR standards

Your Brand in Context.

Vital brand & campaign KPIs distributed through dashboards, BI systems, or custom reporting.

  • Key metrics on shopper journey, brand equity and attributes for your brand and competition.
  • Measure campaign impact on your brand’s strategic goals.
  • Assess how your media strategy supports brand development.

Develop - or Maintain - Brand Strength.

Successful brand tracking programs provide clear actions that will grow your brand:

  • Enhance brand positioning and marketing to grow share
  • Develop marketing communications strategy based on what matters most to consumers
  • Refine your shopper or consumer target to win
  • Optimize media spend or mix for ROI

Proven Brand Health Solutions

  • Always on Tracking

    – Continuous online brand surveys
    – Campaign evaluation surveys
    – ESOMAR approved panels

  • Integrations and Analytics

    – Marketing investments
    – Analytical Modeling (Marketing Mix Modeling)
    – Facebook, Google, and Snap Partnerships
    – Brand Funnels and Associations
    – Key Driver Analysis
    – Target Group Profiling
    – Campaign Evaluation

  • Deliverables and Consulting

    – Real-time Dashboards
    – Customized Reporting
    – Quarterly Business Review Meetings
    – Global Brand Tracking Experts