Strong brands win, weak brands fade and die.

Brand Tracking identifies what matters most to your audience - so you can act on opportunities and protect against competitive threats.
Strong brands win, weak brands fade and die.

Nepa provides technology and human expertise at every step to drive impact from your Brand Tracking:

Engaging research, data integration, powerful analytics, tailored reporting and delivery, and experienced advisors with you every step of the way. We give you and your colleagues the context and confidence to make timely strategic and tactical decisions.

Always-on Brand Intelligence.

Continuous tracking of your brand’s health and campaign performance.

  • Continuous measurement of consumer sentiment with people-friendly surveys
  • Trusted feedback from panels built to ESOMAR quality standards

Your Brand in Context.

Vital brand & campaign KPIs distributed through dashboards, BI systems, or custom reporting.

  • Key metrics on customer journey, brand equity and attributes for your brand and competition.
  • Measure campaign impact on your brand’s strategic goals.
  • Assess how your media strategy supports brand development.

Develop - or Maintain - Brand Strength.

Successful brand tracking programs provide clear actions that will grow your brand:

  • Enhance brand positioning and marketing to grow share
  • Develop marketing communications strategy based on what matters most to consumers
  • Refine your shopper or consumer target to win
  • Optimize media spend or mix for ROI

Proven Brand Health Solutions

  • Always on Tracking

    We lead the way in continuous data collection. Changes in data collected over time are more reliable than a snapshot; continuous data provides more robust results.

    Many of the brand problems we solve require constant adjustment of the course to reach a target, over time. Continuous tracking does this better than ad-hoc.

    Different modules – such as drivers, brand position, media consumption, CX/NPS and industry specific hot topics – can be varied by seasons and need.

    Campaign evaluation surveys
    Our approach demonstrates the contribution of campaigns, tracks the brand funnel through to conversion and identifies improvements. It’s not just about cute ads and blind engagement metrics, we make campaigns prove their value in the long term.

    ESOMAR approved panels
    We follow the world standard in sample quality to ensure data excellence

  • Integrations and Analytics

    We integrate brand insights with other data streams and business results outside of what can be fit into a survey, to allow for deeper analysis and more actionable brand building recommendations. Including:

    – Marketing investments & Sales data
    – Analytical Modeling (Marketing Mix Modelling)
    – Facebook, Google, and Snap Partnerships
    – Key Driver Analysis
    – Target Group Profiling (Passive behavioral tracking, Qual video feedback)

  • Deliverables and Consulting

    Our real-time dashboards monitor brand developments and marketing effects to visualize results. Customized reporting is tailored to you and your stakeholders. But we go beyond the dashboards and reports to workshops and review meetings, consulting with you to get the most out of your data.

    We partner with you to ensure the results land across the business and are embedded in day-to-day actions.