Actions speak louder than words

Nepa CX IQ shines a fact-light on customer experience, breaking down feedback and sales data silos – to pinpoint the experiences that lead to sales. So you can make CX decisions that produce bottom-line results.

Open heart. Open wallet.

Top-performing companies are adored by their customers. But which comes first, your customers’ love or purchases?

Nepa CX IQ integrates disparate data sources to assign a financial value to CX feedback. To help you attract your customers’ affection – and business.

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Less “data.” More insight.

Taking profitable action requires more than just data. It demands facts. Nepa CX IQ lets leadership measure customer experience ROI using purchase data, not just opinions. We empower category and territory managers to identify and solve systemic issues – and unleash sales.

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Data. Insights. Action.

With Nepa CX IQ, providing fact-proven data isn’t a mere intellectual pursuit. We distribute the right insights at the right time – right where it matters. Directly to the front lines of your organization – the store managers – empowering them to act decisively to make sales happen.

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Built on a Solid CX Foundation.

We harness the essential components of CX – data collection, integration, analytics and simulation – to deliver the insights that matter where the buying happens.

CX Feedback Collection

The right metrics. Across all channels. Delivered in beautiful surveys.

Data Integrations

Secure. Compliant. Automatic.

Realtime Dashboard

24/7 access to CX KPIs, customized for the right areas of your organization.


So you can respond decisively to negative feedback
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Fact-enlightened CX insight.

Where feedback and transaction data intersect is where the essential (bottom-line) insights are. Nepa CX IQ brings you there.

  • CRM


Nepa CX IQ determines where customer opinions meet buying decisions – by integrating continuous streams of experience, transactional, geographic and demographic data, as follows:

  • Local Competitive Insight – Delivering a powerful combination of geographic, sales and feedback data to identify opportunities to capitalize on categories showing outside draw
  • Analytics – Illuminating categories where customers spend large amounts with your competition – and pass a competitor’s store to buy from you
  • Outputs – Providing advanced machine-learning algorithms with map-visualization for easy interpretation
  • Simulation – Allowing marketing teams and store management to see the effect specific actions will have on sales and profit


In today’s omni-channel retail world, optimizing store space to improve experience is more important than ever. What’s the ideal mix and proximity of products to spur purchases? We bring to bear the ideal mix of feedback and transaction data to show which factors make the real difference between a quick glance, product touch-and-feel, and a sale.


Our predictive analytics optimize marketing campaign outreach – enabling the design of campaigns that successfully target categories that create leakage to your competition, or an outside draw to your stores.

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Case Study

Nepa CX IQ recently helped a major client achieve the following:


households received customized communication


redeem rate on CRM campaign (compared to previous best of 25%)

66.8 MSEK

(~$7.5M USD) is the amount sales rose, resulting in gross profit of 20.9 MSEK (~$2.4M USD)
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