A Leading Customer Experience Agency

As a leading customer experience agency, we aim to explore the experiences that matter most to your customers with your brand, and how they contribute to the growth of your business. Optimize the customer experience investments that drive sales and profit with our proven, data-driven process.
A Leading Customer Experience Agency

Nepa combines CX technology and expertise to deliver customer-centric growth in 3 steps:

1 - Hear your customers – Learn about their customer experiences with your brand, and what matters most to them when it comes to your product or service. This will help you pinpoint what your customers are looking for.

  • Moments of Truth

    Engage your customers at Moments of Truth, like after a service call, visit, purchase or return. Moments of truth serve as a crucial part of our process and ensure a positive opinion of your brand is formed at key stages of the customer journey.

  • Customer Relationship

    Engage your customers about their overall relationship with your brand, including what they associate your brand with and why they value your product or service offering.

2 - Optimize for customers and growth – We integrate feedback and operational data to prioritize the investments that will make customers happy based on what they like and grow your business.

  • Prioritize Customer Needs

    Best-in-class text and advanced analytics uncover the true needs of customers and what they want from your brand.

  • Act for Sales and Profit

    CX, Sales, and CRM data analysis predict your return on Customer Experience Improvements and show how you can grow your business through effective CX optimisation.

3 - Empower your employees – By knowing the CX of your customers and what they want, you can empower every level of your organization with the tailored insights they need to act on.

  • Customized Reports

    Nepa has customer experience experts that can create custom reports to elevate and streamline your overall CX strategy, ensuring you gain a thorough understanding of your buyer journey and maximize your return on investment.

  • Dashboards

    Empower your organization to track and analyze customer experience performance at every level with simple-to-follow CX dashboards.

  • Action Triggers

    The next wave of CX is beyond the dashboard – prioritized alerts let every employee know the next best action to take to maintain your brand growth.

Proven Customer Experience Technology

  • CX Tracker

    This is a cost-effective starting point for effective CX programs, integrating:

    – Continuous Online CX Surveys
    – Real-Time Feedback Dashboards
    – Service Recovery Tickets (Closed Loop feedback)
    – Live Opinion

  • CX Empower

    Take the right actions on your CX insight through our customized reporting which will prioritize suggestions for improvement. We integrate advanced CX analytics and text analysis to drive the right decisions.

  • CX Optimize

    Our experts link potential CX changes to financial value and future outcomes to ensure the practical value of our recommendations. We integrate CX, with sales data, and CRM Data Analysis enabling us to predict the Return on Improvements you make.