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3 Key Takeaways from Confirmit’s 4th Annual B2B Summit

June 17, 2019

Sam Richardson

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Confirmit hosted their 4th Annual B2B Summit focused on one prominent and inspiring theme– how to be a CX Rockstar.

Whether you are knee deep in CX strategy or just starting out, everyone faces challenges on how to take the big next step. Even those who are running advanced CX measurement programs are still looking to keep things moving. Not sure how advanced your measurement is compared to other CX programs? Take our CX maturity assessment.

This year’s B2B Summit offered key takeaways to keep any CX professional seeking more value from their CX measurement and strategy. Some noteworthy ones included:

1. Beware of sameness

After some early wins, many CX professionals find themselves presenting the same stats and same dashboard to stakeholders. If you find yourself plateauing with your CX program, it could be time for a revolution. What does a CX revolution involve? According to SVP, Customer Experience Innovation at Confirmit, Claire Sporton, a CX program revolution involves shifting your focus from analyzing siloed data to integrating and pulling datapoints from throughout the organization to get the full view of your CX.

When you start to branch out your CX program beyond the hands of the core CX team and involve your entire organization, that you can start to gain momentum . Another key consideration is recognizing the need for analytics and expertise to move forward. Technology only solutions often run the risk of hindering the growth of your program. To learn more about how to maximize the value of your CX, check out our recent blog post: CX: The Art Behind the Science.

2. Empower your employees

Your employees and culture are what drive how employees interact with customers and inevitably your CX. CX starts within. For Joe Montano, Global Director of Customer Experience at Catalent Pharma Solutions, investing in the employees became the core focus to run a successful CX program. Nepa board member and former SAS CEO, Jan Carlzon, has often said “empowering employees is how a customer-centric strategy comes to life.” By providing the right tools, training and culture, your employees are a key component to driving the success of your CX. To learn more about empowering your employees, you can read more here.

3. Get everyone involved

I guess this nicely combines my first two takeaways, however throughout the day it was greatly emphasized the importance of involving every aspect of an organization to promote your CX initiatives. Everyone plays a part, and it is important that your CX program is governed, not led by CX team. CX teams running everything on their own burn out quickly and it is hard to drive change. By getting the right people involved in the right way you will create a lasting impact on the business.

Thanks to Confirmit for hosting a great event. We look forward to future events.