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About Customer Experience

November 17, 2020

Karen Chandler

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“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell six friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.”
Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon

Understanding what makes customers happy is vital to drive good brand health. If you create a great customer experience then you will:

  1. Boost customer loyalty and advocacy. Your customers become your most powerful marketing tool.
  2. Drive revenue and lifetime value. A satisfied customer will come back and buy more and won’t be as easily swayed by the competition.
  3. Build brand equity. Satisfied customers who prefer a brand to others and exhibit loyalty to the brand over time contribute to brand equity.
  4. Change with the times by listening to the voice of the customer and will understand changes in customer behavior faster than the competition.
  5. Reduce costs by investing in what matters most to your customers’ needs.

CX is the game changer
If CX is the game changer then what is CX? Well, here at Nepa we define CX, or Customer Experience, as the experiences that matters the most to your customers. By placing a continuous focus on your customers experiences, no matter where or how, you will ensure that the very lifeline of your business is on track. Also, if your business is on track you will have both time and resources to optimize for market growth.

The Nepa approach
Nepa’s approach to customer experience is to provide you with actionable insights on how to create the right environment for happy customers. We take a three-pronged approach to CX:

  1. Nepa Customer Insights. Research and advanced analytics to create actionable insights about your customers, including:
    a. Customer journey mapping
    b. Customer segmentation
    c. Customer community
    d. Driver analysis
  2. Nepa Advisory Services. Advisory services bespoke to our client’s current needs and business goals, including:
    a. Identifying CX differentiators
    b. CX roadmap creation
    c. KPI selection
  3. Nepa CX Feedback Platform. Nepa’s proprietary CX Feedback Platform collects, integrates, and analyzes data for the insights that matter most and distributes action items to the right stakeholder so they can grow your business.
    a. Real Time Dashboard
    b. Closed Loop Feedback
    c. Live Feed of Customer Feedback
    d. Text Analysis using Machine Learning

Our approach allows us to build you a tailored CX program stretching from strategic to operational insights, connecting the CX program to your business data, ongoing to ad hoc measurements creating sustainable customer growth.