Stockholm (HQ)

Maria Skolgata 83
Stockholm, Sweden

The details

How AI can be used to improve your consumer insights

Join us for our business breakfast with special guest speakers from Nepa’s Swedish and UK offices. We will be discussing the topic of the moment, Artificial Intelligence, and how it can be utilised efficiently to improve the collection and analysis of consumer insights. Erkka Ryynänen from DNA/Telenor will also join to talk about DNA’s key learnings on AI.

The agenda includes:

–   Jessika Ödling, Lead Data Scientist at Nepa, AI in Consumer Research – Our take and vision for the future

–   Robert Beatus, Chief Product Officer at Nepa, AI Trend Boost – How Nepa use AI to dramatically increase the accuracy and usefulness of brand tracking data

–   Valere Demelier, Data Scientist at Nepa, AI for Consumer Digital Profiles – Leveraging Machine Learning and Large Language Models to Decode Online Consumer Behaviour

–   Guest Speaker: Erkka Ryynänen, Head of Analytics at DNA/Telenor, LLM Implementation & Selected Cases at DNA

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