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Market research consulting services

June 13, 2022

Karen Chandler

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Nepa provides market research consulting services to leading organisations. Our offering encompasses a broad range of consumer insights solutions to help businesses grow and become more profitable.

What is market research consulting and analysis?

Market research consultants are experts at conducting targeted research on behalf of clients. They uncover new opportunities and make data-driven optimisation suggestions to marketing strategies, with the intention of generating a higher return on investment.

Market research consultants use qualitative data – like surveys and questionnaires – and quantitative data to evaluate customer experiences, brand positioning, and the competitive market. They highlight both the weak and strong points of your marketing strategy and make actionable suggestions for improvement.

Why choose Nepa?

We’re proud to have worked with some of the most well renowned global brands, including H&M, Spotify, and Kellogg’s. Here’s what one of our clients say about our market research consultancy services:

Success stories

We chose Nepa as a brand insight partner after doing a study with them where they really showed their skills in understanding our brand and our opportunities. Since this is a global assignment, the collaboration will be an important component in our strategy going forward since our brand’s strength is of highest priority for us.

Eleonore Säll, Executive Vice President of Global Brand
Bordeaux , Aquitaine / France - 11 25 2019 : Gant sign store luxury shop in street boutique

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Market research consulting services

As a market research consultancy company, we offer a wide range of services to aid businesses with data analysis and strategy.

By partnering cutting-edge data analysis techniques with our team of market research consultancy experts, we empower leading brands to drive profits, growth and sales:

1. Brand Tracking

Our brand tracking identifies what your target market is looking for from your core products, services and processes.

The continuous tracking of customer sentiment through qualitative data puts your brand into context. This data is then used to harness your strengths – and remediate your weak points – to ensure you stay one step ahead of the competition.

2. Marketing Mix Modelling

We continuously evaluate and optimise your media investments, capitalising on areas where your competitors fall short and making the most of your marketing mix modelling.

Ensure you outperform your competitors and don’t miss a chance to increase the ROI of your media activities with the implementation of a clear marketing mix model.

3. Customer Experience

Improve your customer relationships and maximise sales by optimising your customer experience. Uncover gaps that your business can build on to boost CX.

By finding new opportunities through the use of qualitative data, we make new suggestions for your marketing strategy. This allows your business to create positive customer experiences and improve your brand perception.

4. Paths to Purchase

Using our paths to purchase solution, we analyse each of your key online and offline touchpoints. This brings you and your customers together to encourage brand growth along your paths to purchase.

By improving your path to purchase touchpoints and brand reputation, you’ll drive both sales and profitability through a data-driven understanding of the moments that matter in your customer journey.

5. Innovation Acceleration

We establish priorities based on data through our innovation acceleration and market research consulting services. This is to identify key areas of improvement, which are based on current successful marketing strategies.