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What are Brand Associations?

January 06, 2023

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Alex Provan

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Brand associations are the qualities, image, emotions, and concepts attached to your brand. These can be lots of different things, from images and symbols to colours and people. Think Nike’s swoosh. Some of the most memorable brands in the world have brand associations that are emotional: When thinking again of Nike, for example, some of the first words that come to mind are quality, athleticism, innovation. These traits in particular can help set your brand apart from your competition.

Some brand associations can be chosen and focused on through your brand image and marketing. However, some may just happen naturally without any planning thanks to good word of mouth publicity, the quality of the product, and even the brand’s own customer service. To build a strong, long-lasting brand it is vital to understand the influence these associations have.

Product based brand associations

In a fast-paced, competitive industry such as online gambling, the product itself can play a key role in brand differentiation. On one side you may have a brand that focuses on offering the best odds whilst another brand focuses on offering the fastest withdrawals. These features may set these brands apart from their competition but unless they are important to consumers, and most importantly these consumers are aware of them, the maximum impact will not be achieved.

To make sure brands are focusing on the optimal messaging, to the right people, at the right time, it is important that a brand’s communication plan focuses on the content and ensures it is delivered through the most appropriate channel. By understanding how consumers think about a brand, you can actively choose to drive specific brand associations that are key to your business.

How do you measure this?

Through the Brand Health Tracking at Nepa, we can help you determine what are the right associations for your brand to focus on to set you apart from your competition, whilst tracking this association over time to see if your marketing activities are having the desired impact to help you win.

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