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Brand is back panel discussion

July 07, 2020

Sam Richardson

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Live panel debate “Brand Is Back – Covid edition”, lead by our UK stars Lindsay Parry (previously Cowan) and Sam Richardson .

The 45 minute debate covers three key topics and includes discussions with two leading industry brand experts Mateusz Samolyk (Brand & Sponsorship Insight Lead at Kindred Group plc) and Danny Denhard (founder of Focus Brand Consultancy and former Marketing and Growth Director at

Topic 1: “Budgets are tight! Will investing in brand equity really show as a clear ROI?” What’s the real value of investing in your Brand….when cash flow is currently king?

Topic 2: “Driving sales is key in the short term, but so is longer term profit.” How do you balance being relevant in the short term, whilst also building longer term strategy?

Topic 3: “Flexibility to adapt your brand tone is fundamental right now.” But how easy is this to achieve? What actually makes the real difference to customers and ultimately to your bottom line?

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