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Unleash the power of CampaignPulse: Quick evaluations without compromising on quality

November 28, 2023

Karen Chandler

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Observation, sender recall, message comprehension, and liking are some of the key metrics collected by regular Campaign Evaluations. Did your consumer see your campaign? Did they know it was your brand? Did they understand the message you were trying to convey, and did it make them more likely to buy your brand?

CampaignPulse asks all of these questions, and then delves even deeper. What in particular resonates with consumers? How unique do they think your brand is? How does it compare with industry benchmarks? Does the ad align with consumer’s expectations of your brand? These are the factors that truly drive engagement and loyalty.

The best part of a CampaignPulse evaluation? You can receive your insights whilst your campaign is running. These near-time results provide a distinct advantage in today’s fast-paced marketing landscape. If your campaign isn’t performing well and you only find out after the fact, the damage is already done. This flexibility is a game-changer, allowing you to respond agilely to consumer feedback, emerging trends, and the ever-evolving consumer landscape.

The pitfalls of a poorly executed campaign

If done incorrectly, your campaign may inadvertently be a boost for your competition. A lack of strong brand assets, such as tagline, colour palette, audio, and typography, can mean that the time and resources you’ve spent simply go to waste.

CampaignPulse helps you to minimise this risk by giving you a clear overview of which brand assets drive recognition and liking, which may inadvertently boost competitors, and how to mitigate this to create the strongest campaign.

Campaign Evaluations v. CamapignPulse