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Common mistakes that will make your radio ad flop!

May 17, 2018

Common mistakes that will make your ad flop

Sam Richardson

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Nepa and MTG radio recently analyzed over 170 radio ads on 70 dimensions each to determine what makes, or breaks, a radio ad. In this post, we give you three clear tips on how to avoid creating a radio ad that makes for difficult conversations with your boss. When you’re done, be sure to pop over to our post on what makes a great radio ad.

You might find some of these tips surprising and contrary to the what you’ve read in other advertising discussions. For that reason, we think it’s especially important to note that this is not a mere set of opinions, but a list that is grounded in hard data and facts. Nepa and MTG radio have developed a large database of customer perceptions to radio advertisements. Nepa has applied advanced modeling techniques to determine what factors drive better advertising effectiveness and which don’t.

Here are some common mistakes that lead to radio ad flops:

  • Trying too hard to amuse the audience – Radio listeners tuned out of advertisements that included a role play, act or dialogue in the ad.
  • Too many details and information – The ads that included the most detail and information were also the least successful overall performers.

These two mistakes often go hand in hand – ads that include a role-play, act or dialogue contained too much information. When these mistakes are combined in one ad, it leaves consumers very confused and ultimately disliking the radio ad.

So, what to do instead? Keep it crisp and clear and most important of all, let the listener know who you are as early in the ad as possible.

Mastering your radio creative is a great start to effective marketing – but marketing today requires optimization of creative and spend across a growing number of channels.

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