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Driving long-term and short-term sales using Facebook and Instagram advertising

October 06, 2020

Sam Richardson

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Social media platforms are used by one-in-three people in the world and more than two thirds of all internet users. Social media is becoming more and more important in our everyday lives, creating new potential for brand and sales opportunities. But how can you, as an advertiser, unlock that potential?

We want to look more closely at current performance of social media advertising and how to further scale the effect of social media by optimizing its execution. One way of doing so is using media and creative best practices for social media. Insights can be used for (retail) advertisers to optimize their social media execution for driving long and short-term sales. Our findings are based on Nepa’s Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) for retail clients in Sweden across different industries in the past, covering 1660 social media campaigns, determining short and long-term effects (brand effects) of media. We further break down short-term sales effects into store sales and online sales. This study defines social media
campaigns as campaigns from Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Audience Network3 and Messenger that have been extracted based on the Facebook data extract provided by Facebook as part of the MMM partnership.

All results shown in this whitepaper are based on averages and displayed in index format to show differences in performance.

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