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How to position your brand to increase share and distinctiveness | Introducing Brand Touch 3.0

May 03, 2024

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Karen Chandler

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Brands trying to increase their share of wallet or relevance often start at the end of the process, with concept testing and ad spend. But before this, you need to understand your brand and category on a fundamental level. Who is my brand today? What is my ideal position? How do people view my competition? Where and how can I grow my brand?

Brand Touch measures the true emotional position of your brand, and how this relates to drivers within your category. 120 character traits and 8 personality segments are used to visualise your position in a simple, concrete, and actionable way. By measuring your brand via human characteristics, you can understand your current positioning, and how this relates to the rest of your market. With Brand Touch 3.0, we move from this present positioning to unlock the future. Our new market opportunity maps open up whitespaces for growth that can help your brand build future success.

Business question 1

How does my audience perceive my brand’s personality?

Brand Touch positions your brand, category, and competition on a map based on the Five Factor model, to reveal your brand’s true positioning. It offers you the insights to quantify your brand’s emotional relevance and know where to go next.

Business question 2

How does my brand sit in the competitive landscape?

Understanding your brand in isolation is one thing – Seeing how you compare to the market is another. Brand Touch shows how your brand is perceived versus your competitors, and which character traits are important to your category.

Business question 3

How do I stand out in the crowded category landscape?

Many brands position themselves in the same way and target the same types of personality. Brand Touch can be used to strip out all of the noise in your positioning, and uncover the distinctive characteristics you should move front and centre in your comms to stand out in a crowded market.

Business question 4

What shifts can I make with my positioning to grow?

By mapping your category’s unmet needs, you can uncover the attributes you should focus on in your brand identity and comms to truly grow. Brand Touch gives you the data to shift your branding in a credible and successful way.

Brand Touch 3.0 offers a comprehensive solution for brands seeking to increase their share and relevance in the market. By measuring the true emotional position of your brand and its alignment with category drivers, the solution provides actionable insights to guide strategic decisions. With new market opportunity maps that uncover whitespace for growth, Brand Touch empowers brands to win in their category.

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