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Maximize ROI on Sustainability – Analysis of Swedish & Finnish Brands

March 19, 2021

Sam Richardson

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Companies are investing more on sustainability in order to tackle global challenges, but how can one tell if their efforts are improving their brand perceptions? Do the consumers recognize these actions and are companies able to charge more for these brands?

View our webinar “Maximize ROI on Sustainability – In-depth analysis of Swedish and Finnish brands” and learn how to measure ROI on sustainability by providing insights into brand personalities.

During the 60 minute webinar you will learn how to measure your sustainability efforts and gain insights on how these efforts affect your brand.

Key takeaways:
● The importance of implementing sustainability into your marketing strategies
● Findings on Sustainability vs Willingness To Pay in regards to brand communication, from Sweden and Finland
● Case study from Finland: Perceived sustainability and brand perception of social media brands
● Case study from Sweden: Market maturity in regards to sustainability and what it means for your brand


Robert Beatus, Head of R&D at Nepa Sweden.

John Palm, Senior Analyst at Nepa Sweden.


Milla Westerlund, Head of Account Development at Nepa Finland.

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(Please note: We had some technical issues regarding the audio for our first speaker, though it will get better after 5-10 min)