Brand Tracking

Manage, track, and grow your brand with always-on, actionable insights.

Marketing Mix Modelling

Monitor and optimise the long and short-term effects of your marketing efforts.

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track your campaign’s performance before, after, and as it happens.

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from a traditional funnel to an infinite loop

The shopper journey
has evolved

Consumers have moved away from the traditional linear journey, and as a result, the marketing funnel is no longer sufficient to capture a true holistic view. No touchpoint only drives awareness, consideration, loyalty, or advocacy. Instead, the funnel has evolved into an infinite loop with conversions at the centre.

Our P2P studies allows you to uncover the connected shopper journeys for your product at all touchpoints, including digital, physical, paid, unpaid, earned, and owned, that influence purchase conversions. Alongside this, it quantifies the effectiveness of each at converting your consumers at every stage.

Infinity conversion loop

How it works

We combine behavioural data from URL tracking with self-stated data from diaries to unfurl the multiple paths of category shoppers over a multiple week purchase cycle.

1. What we measure

We measure and evaluate all online and offline touchpoints, including digital, physical, paid, unpaid, earned, and owned.

2. How we measure it

We blend both behavioural data (URL tracking) and self-stated data (multi-week personal diaries) for a complete view of the WHAT and WHY.

3. What we deliver

We identify the most influential touchpoints in driving purchase, taking into account cross-channel effects