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The Nepa Marketing & Insights Dinner 2023

April 04, 2023

A scenic view of the famous Somerset House in London under a wispy sky

Karen Chandler

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We recently held our annual Marketing & Insights dinner at the stunning Somerset House in London. It was an exclusive, invite-only event for marketing and insights leaders to network and exchange ideas. Brands such as Unilever, Heineken, and L’Oréal joined us for a gourmet three course dinner and reception, with presentations from Mars, GANT, Klarna, and some of the Nepa team on the theme ‘What are your key brand and marketing challenges in 2023?”

Throughout the night several common challenges came up from CMOs and CMIs across a range of different industries and regions. These included:

– Marketing budget being frozen or reduced, but with an expectation that marketing will still fuel growth.

– Reorganisations creating a lack of consistency for marketing and insights teams.

– Getting channel strategies right, thanks to the massive increase in digital activities and channel fragmentation.

However, the theme that was most discussed was marketing efficiencies and how to get the best bang for your buck. It’s something that we’ve been hearing a lot from our customers recently. How Nepa can help with this? And it all comes down to data. In order to make sure you’re making the most effective decisions, you need to understand the consequences. Our core Marketing Intelligence solutions are designed to do just this (and when combined can supercharge your insights!).

– Brand Tracking shows your brand and how it sits in the market. By measuring continuously you can see the immediate effects of your activities, and easily see what is working and what isn’t. It also collects data on your competitors, so you can view the impacts of their brand and marketing spend.

– Marketing mix modelling lets you see the effects of your marketing investments, without spending a penny. You can adjust your potential media investments, and see which blend allows you to hit your company specific KPIs.

– Campaign evaluations allow you to see how different messages work for different segments across different media, giving you the ability to optimise your creative content before you put any money into its creation and distribution.

It truly was a fabulous event. “Just wanted to say congratulations again for last night’s triumph”, “I really enjoyed the presentation and I met some interesting marketers”, and “The presentations were very insightful, the location unique and everything was very well organized” were just some of the feedback we received from attendees. If you’d like to join our next Marketing & Insights dinner, why not sign up to our newsletter? You can find it here: