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What is a Touchpoint Strength Tracker?

December 13, 2022

Karen Chandler

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In a world full of rapid changes, being able to make fast, data-driven decisions has never been more important.

Our Touchpoint Strength Tracker (TST) is the essential tool to provide the necessary information needed for your planning team to make smarter investment decisions on a continuous basis. Through ongoing tracking of touchpoint frequency and strength, the TST provides the information you need to understand your touchpoints.

How does the Touchpoint Strength Tracker work?

By using advanced data modelling, our Touchpoint Strength Tracker uncovers insights covering

1. How frequently individual shoppers are exposed to them

2. How frequently individual shoppers are exposed to them

3. The strength of each individual touchpoint at driving purchases

Touchpoint Strength Tracker example

Your touchpoints at a glance

Don’t wait to find out how your media campaigns or market changes are affecting your touchpoint effectivity. Our Touchpoint Strength Tracker provides a continuous view of the shopper landscape, ensuring that you can quickly adapt strategies in changing market conditions.

Drive incremental sales

By understanding how each touchpoint is performing on a continuous basis, you can validate the existing strategies for each and make changes where needed. With access to this information, it’s easy to see if you’re spending your budget in the right way to drive short-term sales growth.

Paths to Purchase

Our TST is the perfect accompaniment to our Paths to Purchase product. P2P provides brands with a strategic set of insights at all levels, such as channel, shopper audience, motivations, retailer, product type, demand occasion, first purchasers, planned vs unplanned, brand, category penetration and growth, eCommerce etc. It is measured in depth, across a purchase cycle, offering granular insights.

Want to find out more about how our Touchpoint Strength Tracker can help you spot early warning signs of how your brand strategies are working (or not)? Why not get in touch.